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OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE! was the brain child of Mr Philip Wiggall of Garden Machinery (Glos) LTD. With over 20 years experience repairing and servicing lawnmowers and cars/light commercials, Gloucester-Mini was born. Specialising in both Classic & BMW minis Gloucester-Mini can cater for almost all of your requirements, from small jobs to complete restorations. Despite the name we do also cater for most makes and models..... minis are just our guilty pleasure !


We have a strict code that we follow when servicing or repairing any vehicle. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and anything less is deemed as a fail on our part. Every vehicle with a repair cost over £50 receives a FREE external valet. Any vehicle with a repair cost over £150 receives a FREE interior and exterior valet. 


Whilst we do not have the facility to MOT your vehicle here we can arrange an MOT for your vehicle. We personally take the vehicle to a local MOT station who are fair and safe. Afterwards we explain any failures or advisories and we also provide you with a quote to repair. 

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